Taiwanese celebrity announces marriage to Thai husband

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese celebrity Ami Jan (亞美將), also known as Teng Li-ying (鄧莉穎), showcased her marriage license to her Thai husband on Jan. 8 to her fans.

Ami Jan, who is regular on the Taiwanese show “Queen” (女人我最大) posted on her Facebook page, proudly showing off her newly acquired marriage license, as well as stating her new status as a “Thai daughter-in-law.”

In her Facebook announcement, Ami Jan revealed that she had quietly wed two years prior, but had only recently decided to announce the marriage to her fans.

Taiwanese celebrity Ami Jan recently shared with fans her newly acquired marriage license to her Thai husband. (Photo courtesy of Ami Jan/Facebook)

She expressed her happiness, and also posted a side-by-side photo of her and her husband holding their marriage license, debuting their marriage to the world for the first time.

Fans of Ami Jan quickly took to the comment section to congratulate her and also praised her Thai husband’s attractive looks, claiming he is quite a catch.

It was later revealed that Ami Jan and her husband were temporarily separated in the recent two years due to the pandemic, and would rely on video chats to share their daily lives with one another.

At that time, Ami Jan would often express how both need to hold out until the pandemic blows over.

Her celebratory news on Jan. 8 also saw celebrities such as Chen Mei-feng (陳美鳳), KIMIKO, Fon Cin (方馨) and more commenting their blessings and hopes for the happy couple.


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