A man who died following a woman’s fatal stabbing in Tampines last week had the two pending criminal charges against him abated yesterday.

This means that Ng Chee Kok’s court proceedings on these charges have come to an end.

On Feb 10, Ms Ting Su Yin, 42, who had married Ng in June 2000, was found lying motionless at the void deck of Block 206 Tampines Street 21.

She was covered in blood with slash wounds on her neck.

The mother of three was unconscious when she was rushed to hospital and died later that day.

Hours after she was found, Ng was discovered at the foot of Block 205A Punggol Field, where he lived.

The Singaporean also died after he was taken to hospital.

Police had earlier said that he is believed to have assaulted Ms Ting, and officers were alerted to the stabbing incident around 6.30am on Wednesday last week.

The couple’s marriage is said to have soured in recent years, with Ms Ting moving out of their Punggol matrimonial home to live with her mother in Tampines.

Checks by The Straits Times revealed that Ms Ting took out a personal protection order (PPO) against Ng on March 6 last year.

He had been accused of breaching the PPO about a month later on April 15.

He was then charged with two counts of harassment and released on bail of $10,000.

According to court documents, Ng had allegedly used violence on Ms Ting, and is said to have continually harassed her in Tampines.

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Court documents do not state if the pair were still married to each other.

Ms Ting was the centre head for the Ministry of Education Kindergarten @ Farrer Park, a role she had taken on last year.

She had more than 20 years of experience in the pre-school sector.

She leaves behind a son and two daughters.



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