Thai government urged to help Myanmar refugees in border provinces

BANGKOK (THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Thailand’s human rights commission has urged Thai authorities to render help to Myanmar refugees and Thai nationals in the Mae Hong Son and Tak border provinces as soon as possible.

The request on Tuesday (Dec 28) came after clashes between Myanmar’s armed forces and the Karen resistance intensified, forcing more Myanmar nationals to flee across the border into Thailand.

Thai citizens living in the border areas were at risk of losing their property and lives as well, the commission said, adding that it was closely monitoring the situation in the region.

The Thai government should act “to create stability and safety on the Thailand-Myanmar border”, the commission said.

“The government should have a clear policy to assist refugees, such as implementing the four necessities of life, disease prevention and treatment,” it said in a statement.

“Related agencies should provide safety for Thai nationals living on the Thailand-Myanmar border, such as building shelters, preparing an emergency plan and creating awareness,” it added.

The commission also advised Thai authorities to promote local mechanisms between the government, private business and civil society to take care of people caught in between the clashes.

It said that its two commissioners would travel to Tak province’s Mae Sot district to cooperate with provincial agencies on human rights in the area.

“The commission hopes that assisting victims in line with human rights principles during the unrest will be the first priority for every party,” it added.


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