Thai internet celebrity dies, 3 months after choking on moo ping and sticky rice

Thai internet celebrity Arisara Karbdecho died yesterday (June 6), some three months after she choked while eating moo ping (skewered pork) with sticky rice where she subsequently collapsed.

The incident reportedly left the popular 27-year-old influencer in a vegetative state. 

News of her death was revealed by her friend in a Facebook post on Monday (June 6) and the announcement and details of the funeral were subsequently posted on Arisara’s Facebook page.

A comment to the post indicated that Arisara or “Alice” had choked on her food while eating moo ping and sticky rice.


Arisara was rushed to a hospital “but it was too late” as she remained in a vegetative state for three months before her death on June 6 at 12.50pm.

“Thank you for always supporting her,” the post read.

Arisara’s mum said her daughter was always working and did not have much time to rest, according to Thai online publication Sanook.

She added that on the day of the incident, Arisara ate her meal hurriedly which resulted in food getting stuck in her windpipe.

She was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at home. However, doctors later told Arisara’s mother that she had arrived “nine minutes too late”, causing her brain to be starved of oxygen.

Speaking to reporters, she warned young people to take care of their health, to eat their meals on time and to get enough rest.

Arisara, who’s known online as Alicebambam, was reportedly one of Thailand’s first internet idols who became famous after posing in sexy cosplay outfits, news media reported. She was once ranked among “Thailand’s top 10 hot topic beauties”.

She also gained media attention for losing 7kg in 22 days, after being criticised by netizens over her weight.

Arisara, who has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and close to 680,000 Facebook followers, last posted to her social media pages on March 3.

Arisara’s death has shocked friends and fans from around the world who expressed their grief on social media.



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