The best new year’s gift for a loved one or yourself? This comprehensive DNA kit that’s essentially an at-home health screening

If, like us, one of your new year’s resolutions has been to take better care of your health but you’re kinda stumped on where to start, we hear you and we have an answer: CircleDNA.

While CircleDNA technically is a DNA testing kit, it’s not simply another one of the thousands of DNA testing services that tell you, say, what percentage Southeast Asian you are. Instead, CircleDNA, which claims to be the world’s most comprehensive DNA test, focuses around helping customers take control of their health.

Using your specific DNA in a single saliva swab (it doesn’t get more personalized than that, after all!), they’ll give you an individualized health report — made up of up to over 500 insights across 20 categories, such as Stress & Sleep and Common Health Risks, with what the company claims is 99.9% analytical accuracy — so you can see any possible health problems that you’re genetically more prone to getting, and can start addressing that today. Essentially, the focus is on prevention instead of treatment.

Once you’ve received your kit, you have to download the CircleDNA app and register your kit. Afterwards, follow the instructions for swabbing and mailing, and a few weeks later, ta-da: your results will be available on the app and sent directly to your inbox as a PDF. While the email provides an overview of your results, the app goes into more detail for each category and explains the data in easily digestible terms.

One of the other great things about CircleDNA is that they carry four different kits, so you can choose your test based on your own questions and budget. They also offer the option to split up your payments with buy-now-pay-later Atome.

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First off, there’s the Vital DNA Test (SGD279), which you can think of as a “starter kit” and is meant for customers who want to improve their overall lifestyle; this test comes with 125+ reports related to topics like fitness, nutrition intake, and optimal diet. Next, there’s the Health DNA Test (SGD749) for customers who want to plan to keep an eye on their long-term health; this test includes over 115 reports that reveal genetic risks for diseases such as cancer and chronic illnesses — targeted mainly at older customers (like your parents who won’t go to the damn doctor for anything!). For couples thinking of expanding the family, there’s the Family Planning DNA Test — Duo Set (SGD1,050), which screens both parents for over 163 carrier conditions that may be genetically passed down. Finally, there’s the Premium DNA Test (SGD899), which is, as the name suggests, the most comprehensive option with 500+ reports that will paint your whole genetic story.

And unlike a lot of DNA testing companies that will just simply email you your results and only follow up with unwanted marketing spam, every CircleDNA also includes a complimentary 1-on-1 virtual consultation with a genetics trained health professional who will answer any questions you have regarding your results and possible next steps.

All of the test kits can be bought on CircleDNA’s website, and every purchase includes free global shipping and returns to 30+ countries, as well as a 30-day risk-free trial.


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