The Future of Work Signature Series: For C-suite leaders who aspire to inspire a better future for others

Sustainability is no mere buzzword – it defines our future, which is gravely threatened by climate change. For Singapore to advance its Green Plan 2030 and sustainability agenda, every industry must do its part.

Highlighted Mr Seah: “It is now a need, not an option, for companies to put in place robust, resilient and sustainable operations that consider the multiple complexities of our actions that affect climate change.”

The Job of the Chief Sustainability Officer course aims to equip and inspire an organisation’s leadership to build innovative sustainability strategies to increase efficiency and reduce costs and environmental impact. “In the process, the leadership is also preparing the organisation to be more purpose-driven for a much bigger cause,” added Mr Seah.

Another key role in developing a purpose-driven organisational vision is that of the chief learning officer.

“The chief learning officer benefits the organisation’s strategic objectives,” explained Dr Yong. “Learning is critical to strategy – perhaps even the foundation – for every organisation and industry. It serves not only to close capability gaps, but also to sharpen and enhance existing capabilities. The chief learning officer plays a critical role in shaping an organisation’s capability to execute on its mission, and in so doing, determines whether the vision is achieved.”

According to Dr Yong, the Job of the Chief Learning Officer course will challenge leaders to revisit how they can equip their learners with the right tools for orchestrating change and committing to purposeful action to achieve strategic outcomes.

While change is never easy, it is essential in a world where continuous upskilling and learning have become the new norm. Programmes like SIM Academy’s Future of Work Signature Series help talented leaders develop deeper capabilities and embrace innovation and purpose for a better future.

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Said Mr Seah: “The Future of Work Signature Series serves to enable an organisation’s leaders to stay ahead of the shifting landscape. By utilising the new ideas and perspectives gained at the series, they can better pivot their organisation towards meeting future of work and the future of learning needs.”

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