Last night marked the long anticipated event for the newest flagship device from Apple, and for many it did not disappointment – many of the predicted changes came to light and many other adjustments were made that could show a new direction which had been pretty set in stone for the past few years – so where are the biggest differences?

The most notable is in the design of the phone, the latest devices had reverted back to the very rounded and soft styled design of the device with the latest bringing in the top bezzle for the front facing camera, the latest design for the 12 however seems to be reverting to what was seen in the iPhone 4 with a more square device. Whilst this is all a personal preference for many, the square design doe provide a nice contrast for how the devices have looked over the past few years and may be a new style direction once again.

The iPhone 12 Is Here

The other huge announcement has been for the introduction of 5G, whilst a little behind the curve of other big manufacturers, it does however spell a big support for change to the network which may help to see the roll out of 5G occur much faster. The faster spread of 5G could have a big impact on a number of different growing services on our devices too – mobile gaming has become one of the biggest markets in the world with this next step in networking providing a growing number of options for developers, this has been seen particularly true recently as despite adjustments to certain regulation and initiatives many services have continued to grow such as the number of non gamstop casinos now available – these benefits will likely extend to our growing reliance on streaming services too as a faster connection opens up more opportunities for how we can use these services.

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It’s also important to note the price too, as it is an area that has largely crept up on many of us. If you haven’t upgraded your device in a number of years you may be surprised to see just how high they have risen, and if you’ve been one to upgrade for each new release you may be amongst the growing number starting to hold on to their old device for a little longer – the entry for the highest model is creeping in to the four-digit mark, but if you’re looking to get the most storage with the 512GB model, you may be looking at a $1,400 price tag. The increased price comes with some minor caveats that may be a deal breaker to some too as the new devices ship without any power adapter or earbuds, something that may turn previous non-iPhone users away in particular – with some feeling like many needed features are still missing too it is certainly a steep price to pay for a device that all in all isn’t much different from the current iteration. Is it worth it? Many will certainly believe so!


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