The pursuit of true love is the hopeful aim on China's matchmaking train

A romantic relationship was the desired destination for nearly 1,000 single young men and women when they departed Chongqing North Station and headed for Qianjiang Station on Aug 10 on a two-day, one night journey by train.

“Such activities are more creative than matchmaking. The train is like a magpie bridge, bringing people from different places together to get to know each other during the journey,” said Huang Song, one of the participants. “Even if you don’t find the right one for you, you can still make a lot of friends on the train.”

Nearly 1,000 single young men and women head to the “Love-Pursuit Train” on Aug 10, 2019. PHOTO: China Daily

Since its launch three years ago, the train, on its third trip and known as the Y999 “Love-Pursuit Train”, has set up a platform for more than 3,000 single youths in Southwest China’s Sichuan province and Chongqing to make friends.

The Y999 “Love-Pursuit Train”, left from Chongqing North Station headed to Qianjiang Station on Aug 10 on a train journey that provides a platform for single young men and women to know each other. PHOTO: China Daily

So far, hundreds of people have fallen in love and nearly 10 pairs have married, thanks to the train.


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