The Qualities of a Good Workday Partner

The Qualities of a Good Workday Partner

There is no doubt that most businesses today are determined to achieve their set goals so that they can maximize their revenue generation. This way, they are better positioned to stay afloat in an unexpected disruption like the Covid-19 pandemic.

To deliver solutions to your business-critical needs, you need a Workday Adaptive Planning partner who is skilled, experienced, and with a good reputation. And that’s where the qualities of a good workday partner come in.

There are many aspects to consider when looking for a good workday partner. But it would be best to start by determining your team’s needs and priorities. Is it looking to deploy new capabilities or accelerate time to market?

These are the top qualities to look for in workday partners.

1. Highly Experienced

Now that your team has a list of priorities consider asking for what kind of experience the workday partner has. Everybody wants what’s best for their businesses. Therefore, for your company to be well-established and feature a solid track record, you must find a highly skilled and experienced Workday Services Partner.

This is an individual who shows they are adequately prepared and with the capacity to meet your business-critical needs. Consider enquiring about the number of workday deployments they successfully completed before signing a contract. Plus, let them explain the key lessons they learned working with previous clients.

2. Understands Your Business

Although it may appear simple, finding a workday partner that understands what your business deals with is vital. Whether the deployment partner is already familiar with your industry doesn’t matter. They should regularly ask you questions. This quality helps ensure the partner fully understands why your business stands out from the competition.

3. They Have Custom Proposals

Once you are sure that the partner is experienced and has an excellent understanding of your business, it would be best to ensure that they can customize their proposal to your specific requirements. If a workday partner is prepared to develop custom proposals for your business, it shows that they are ready to listen and will take you and your project with the seriousness it deserves.

It also signifies that maintaining a high level of collaboration with you throughout the project is a priority for them. Usually, workday partners that customize their proposals to your business’ specific needs want to join your world and understand your project’s nuances.

4. A Well-Structured Implementation Approach

An exemplary implementation approach is another quality to look for in a workday partner. Here, the recommendation is to ensure you consider the bigger picture. Whether you intend to change your operating model as part of the project, your third-party systems, or your service delivery model, consider the numerous activities featured in integrations, delivery model implementation, implementation service, change management, etc. An ideal workday implementation partner should be skilled at helping your business link all these moving parts.

5. The One with Flexible Contracts

One thing about businesses is that their nature keeps changing. And sometimes, the change might be fast and overwhelming. With this dynamic nature in mind, it is advisable to pick a workday implementation partner capable of scaling up or down.

Scrutinize the contracts to determine how flexible they are and if a fee or penalty applies if you want to modify a contract.

Also, let the workday implementation partner explain how quickly a new contract can be signed. Also, ask how fast it can be implemented, among other essential questions that translate to flexibility.

6. Innovative

Nobody wants their business to plateau. We all want our businesses to grow, and innovation is one of the key ways businesses climb the ladder. An innovative partner will help you add more value to your project, increasing your profits. A potential partner that embraces innovation means they are eager to learn and enhance new technologies constantly.

Bottom Line

As you continue researching and searching for qualified workday partners, we invite you to contact us. With our proficient consultants who provide digital innovation, strategic thinking, HR and technical expertise, etc., we would love to make it to your shortlist. We have all the qualities of a good workday partner you are looking for.

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