'There is a lot of joy in eating'. Lee Seung-gi on his favourite Singapore food

What do you love most about Singapore?

If the answer is food, South Korean singer-actor-host Lee Seung-gi would agree with you.

“Singapore is a country that I really love. Especially when it comes to Singapore, there is a lot of joy in eating,” the 36-year-old told AsiaOne in a recent interview.

In particular, Seung-gi mentioned that he enjoys “street food like satay” and emphasised on his love for “Singaporean Chinese food”.

“Of course, I love it because it tastes great,” he added.

Seung-gi held a concert in Singapore on June 14 as part of his Asia tour The Dreamer’s Dream — Chapter 2.

Currently, he is gearing up for the US leg of his tour at the end of August.

When asked about the rituals that he does before a performance, he said he prioritises keeping his body light: “I try to have light meals whenever possible, and always go swimming in the morning. It helps a lot with breathing, especially when singing.”

Seung-gi will reportedly be back on the big screens with the upcoming comedy-drama film The Great Family.The release date of the movie hasn’t been announced.

You can catch Seung-gi in the dramas Mouse (2021) and The Law Cafe (2022) on Viu. His new variety shows Thumbnail Battle: The Strongest Hearts and Ramyun Brothers in Japan are also streaming on Viu now.

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