'This is karma': Mark Lee on how Marcus Chin returned from JB penniless after breaking up with girlfriend

Although they are good friends, Mark Lee doesn’t mince his words when speaking about Marcus Chin. 

In the latest episode of #justswipelah, Mark, along with the host-DJ’s other close friends Dennis Chew, Chen Biyu and Wang Lei, shared their thoughts about Marcus’ recent interview in Hear U Out.  

When asked about Marcus’ failed relationship with his former personal assistant which left him penniless, Mark, 53, replied: “This is all part of his karma.” 

“He’s done all these and decided who to be with, and moved to Johor Bahru. At the end of the day, you’re all alone — that to me is all part of his karma.”

Despite his seemingly harsh choice of words, Mark — who also owns the management company that Marcus, 67, is signed to — added that his relationship woes did not diminish the effort that he put into his work. 

Back in 2009, Marcus had an affair with his personal assistant Eileen Cheah, which was widely reported in local media. He was 56 at that time and she 24. The two had a daughter together in 2010.

After going to court with his ex-wife Murong Ying over maintenance money in 2010, he moved to Johor Bahru to be with Eileen and their daughter Elise. 


Marcus and Eileen eventually separated in 2011. In his interview in Hear U Out, he told host Quan Yi Fong that he had nothing left in his bank account when he returned to Singapore. 

Marcus pays $4,000 of maintenance money to Murong and also $1,000 of child support to Eileen each month.

Getai veteran Wang Lei, 60, however, had a different reaction from Mark. 

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“I was dumbfounded,” he said, on finding out that Marcus was broke. 

Wang Lei shared that Marcus had been a great help to him, especially during times when he was down and out. 

“When I first entered the industry, all my clothes were given by him… My very first branded item of clothing was also given by him,” he said, holding up a yellow T-shirt. “I still wear it to this day.” 

$21,000 spent on breakfast for his fellow DJs

Marcus might have been beset with financial problems a few years back, but that hasn’t stopped him from extending that same generosity to his friends. 

On Hear U Out, Marcus said he’s been buying his fellow Love 972 Breakfast Quartet DJs breakfast five days a week for the past seven years. 

After rough calculations, it was revealed that the total amount came up to about $21,000. 

“He mentioned how pitiful he was and yet still volunteers to buy us breakfast every morning. Is he hinting that we should stop asking him to buy us breakfast?” Mark joked. 

Dennis also quipped: “If you feel it’s too costly and tiring buying breakfast, let us know frankly, and we’ll pay you $50 a month starting from next month.” 



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