Heroes don’t always wear capes. While taking the train yesterday (June 2), one man decided to go out of his way to help an elderly commuter find his way back home. 

Derick Khoo shared on Facebook that his father had gotten lost after getting a haircut at Holland Close.

Then, the elderly man approached fellow train passengers for help.

“Lucky he meet this gentleman and dad still remember [sic] my name and mobile,” Derick wrote. 

The gentlemen in question, Jun Jie, called Derick and told him that he was with his father. 

“At first, I thought its some scam call when he mentioned he is with my dad… I even quickly call home to verify where is my dad? [sic] Mum say he went out for haircut,” Derick said. 

Jun Jie also informed him that he was accompanying his father and that they were on the train travelling towards Joo Koon. 


The Good Samaritan later called for a Grab driver to take the elderly man home and even gave him $20 to pay for the ride. 

“After he suggest he book a Grab and the Grab bring my dad home. [sic] I ask my mum to go void deck to wait for him”. 

Jun Jie also appeared to have stayed on a video call with Derick as he accompanied the latter’s father to the pick-up point.

“Lucky all well and Dad is safely home. [sic] Thankful to this kind man for helping my dad even though we don’t know each other,” Derick wrote, adding that he repaid the man the $20 plus some extra for his help. 

Netizens commended Jun Jie’s act of kindness, with some saying this warmed their hearts during these trying times. One Facebook user wrote: “There are still good people around.”

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