This Singapore start-up created a chatbot that can understand Singlish

“Customer service should be accessible, human-like, warm and most importantly hyper-personalised. Good customer service creates lifelong customers, while great customer service creates brand advocates!” she declared, adding that “95 per cent of the people who interact with WIZ.AI Talkbots don’t even realise they weren’t even talking to a human”.

“The main reason I founded WIZ.AI is because of my mother,” said the 32-year-old Singapore-based China national.

Both her parents, now retired, were electronic engineers who worked in large enterprises, who “encouraged boldness and independence” and “never stopped me, allowing me to learn from my experiences… like, when I requested to do volunteer work in Africa, their first reaction was to check for flights with me; after I changed university major, moved countries or launched my first startup, I knew they would always be there to support me”.

Zhang describes her mother as “a strong, independent woman, who always enjoyed her freedom”.

“One day, she asked me to help her reschedule a flight. The only channel available was an online customer service centre chatbot. The text was small, you needed to have a lot of the information on hand and it was extremely difficult to navigate. I could only imagine how inconvenient it was for her to handle it,” she recalled.


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