TAIPEI (The China Post) — Guangzhou Xiguan bonesetting is a traditional treatment that has a history of more than 300 years and can diagnose any bone-related problems without the need for x-rays.  

According to reports, Xiguan Orthopedics has three treasures: first, the master’s unique skills to treat orthopedic symptoms; second, Chinese fir wood skin splint; and third, ancient medicines such as the “tianqui” ointment.

Li Zhujiang, the bonesetter, explained that people left useless Chinese fir wood on the Shanu Road when building the old Guangzhou city. 

Doctors then started using the Chinese fri wood skin as the splint for supporting a broken bone,” he added. 

“It has many advantages. It’s very light, breathable, and stretchy.” 

Xiguan was a very busy area of Guangzhou where people traded wood, medicine, and spices, he continued. 

He added that a boom in trade later led to the development of the medical industry at Xiguan. 


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