TikTok girl thirsts over Singapore army boys, manifests through reiki – it worked

When it comes to boundaries, TikTok has none. The platform that started out with viral dances and pranks is also where you can find the wacky and weird. 

TikTok user @priestessprincess started with a couple of thirsty videos proclaiming her attraction to the boys in uniform. Nope, not men but boys, specifically boys in National Service (NS). 

Oh, on top of that she also practices reiki, a form of energy healing from Japan. With reiki healing, gentle, or even no touch is used to guide good energy through the body, 

Before her obsession with NS boys, her videos were all reiki-related where she sends ‘hottie energy’ or vibes to make one irresistible. 

And then she decided to set her sights on NS boys. 

She started with laughable captions like “I want myself a national service boy who is proud of mother singapura” and “Looking for a national service boy to whisper “majulah singapura” in my ear”. 

Soon after, the thirsty NS videos got more frequent (and funnier, tbh) where she cites the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) core values and gushes about how she could watch Ah Boys To Men all day. 

@priestessprincess like genuinely 🥺 #nationalservice ♬ mary on a cross – record audios.

But in Singapore style, her antics got some hate from the platform but our girl took it in stride and put out a self-deprecating video stating she’s Singapore’s “most hated girl”, and went on with her thirsty ways.

She also revealed that she is an exchange student set to leave the country at the end of the month. It’s unclear if the whole thing is a long-running joke or if she really is shooting her shot before she leaves. 

Regardless, she received some love back from them and in a video, showed off all the emails from NS boys who seem to have the hots for her too. 

@priestessprincess ♬ som original – ★

Weird, but great that our NS boys are getting some love. Perhaps, it’s a much larger ploy to be in an Ah Boys To Men film? You do you, @priestessprincess!

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