Titus Low: Singapore jails and fines OnlyFans content creator

A Singapore court sentenced an OnlyFans content creator to three weeks in prison for breaching a police order to stay off the adult subscription site.

Titus Low, 22, was under investigation for allegedly breaking obscenity laws and he will start his prison sentence on 26 October, it was reported.

Mr Low has pleaded guilty to the charge and another count of transmitting obscene material. He will also be fined about 3,000 Singapore dollars (about £1,860), local media reported.

He is the first OnlyFans content creator to be prosecuted in Singapore. It is illegal to sell and produce pornographic material in Singapore.

“For sure, this case has set a precedent and other users will have to deal with the same risk of being on OnlyFans,” Mr Low’s lawyer Kirpal Singh was quoted as saying by the BBC.

“I think the message is quite clear that authorities are prepared to convict those who transmit explicit material not just on the OnlyFans platform but on the whole spectrum [of online areas].”

Mr Low joined the adult subscription site in April last year and in December he was arrested after a woman complained that she had found his “obscene” videos on her 12-year-old niece’s phone.

He was later released on bail, under the condition that he would not access his OnlyFans account.

On Tuesday, prosecutors said that Mr Low had breached that order and “undermined police investigations to advance his financial interests” on multiple occasions.

However, defence lawyer Mr Singh told CNN that Mr Low’s adult content had been “redistributed without his knowledge, authorisation or consent”.

He continued: “He has also not been posting on the platform and wants to finally move on from this episode.” Mr Low is not expected to appeal. And has not ruled out his return to OnlyFans, as was reported by CNN.

“It wouldn’t be fair if the ban stayed. I love what I do and it’s what I’m known for. My nudes are out there already,” he was quoted as saying.

“But that is also the nature of OnlyFans. Creators have little control over our material being leaked or recirculated without our knowledge and that is not something I can control, but I will definitely be more careful going forward,” he said.


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