Tom Hiddleston loves being called 'Mr Loki'

Tom Hiddleston loves being called “Mr Loki”.

The 40-year-old actor plays the iconic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Tom has revealed he particularly enjoys when people put a title before Loki’s name.

Asked if he’s called Loki in real life, Tom shared: “Probably all the time, yes, but what I really enjoy is when they put a title before it.

“So I was once in a restaurant and the head chef, so sweet, popped his head out to say hello and said ‘hello Mr Loki’, which is incredibly polite.”

The London-born actor also recalled his most memorable moment of meeting someone dressed as Loki.

Tom – who has reprised the role for a new TV series for Disney+ – told BBC Radio 1: “I think in Berlin we were there for Thor: The Dark World and there were a couple of people dressed as me and it was so brilliantly done and so precise.

“And then I was once walking in a park in central London and somebody next to me was calling for their dog and the dog was called ‘Loki’ and I was really amused by that.”


Meanwhile, Tom recently revealed he is desperate to see the UK theatre industry bounce back.

The actor started his career in the theatre before establishing himself in Hollywood, but Tom is now eager to see the industry return to normality, having been shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “My heart goes out to everybody who works in the theatre and in the cinema.

“My great hope is that it will be back – with even more celebration and positivity. I can’t wait.”

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Tom also admitted that landing the role of Loki in 2011 was a life-changing moment.

He explained: “I absolutely love playing him. He is such a fun, complex character.”



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