Top 10 Ways A VPN Can Boost Your Gaming Performance 

Top 10 Ways A VPN Can Boost Your Gaming Performance 

It doesn’t matter what kind of gaming you like; playing the latest Candy Crush Saga on your phone, spending your weekends playing MMORPGs with your friends, or maybe hopping in a race car and racing around a track in the latest NASCAR game. If any of your games (on any platform) connect to the internet, you should use a VPN can boost your gaming performance. A quality VPN service may also enhance your gaming experience.

I conducted extensive research into why you need a VPN for gaming and tested several VPNs to determine which are the best to use. Surfshark is at the top of my VPN recommendations. It is quick, safe, and does not interfere with gameplay. You can click this link to start a free VPN trial today. Continue reading to find out what else I discovered.

Key Takeaways

A VPN hides your genuine IP address and establishes a secure link between your devices and the internet. It accomplishes this by rerouting all of your data via an encrypted virtual tunnel through its own server. Other advantages of using a VPN while gaming include:

  • It allows you to connect to routers.
  • In some cases, it reduces lag and ping times.
  • It allows you to play geoblocked games.
  • It helps you avoid bandwidth restrictions.
  • Some new releases are made available early.
  • Helps you to circumvent IP bans.
  • Allows you to play games that may be illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • Protects you against swatting and DDoS attacks
  • Allows you to play games safely over public WiFi.

Top 10 Ways A VPN Can Boost Your Gaming Performance 

A VPN can provide you with more security, privacy, and anonymity, and these are all great reasons to get one. However, there are numerous other advantages to using a VPN for gaming. Especially when it comes to boosting your performance.

1. It Lets You Connect To Routers

Pro Install a VPN at the router level for online gaming equipment

Many premium VPNs feature apps for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, but only a few are compatible with gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

Consider a VPN with router compatibility if you use a console or game on several devices. When your VPN is automatically connected to your network, it protects every device that connects to WiFi via that connection.

2. It Cuts Down on Lag and Ping Times

Nothing is more frustrating than going into combat with a dungeon boss only to discover that your powers aren’t working properly, or racing to a treasure chest or health kit only to rubber band backward out of range.

Long ping times (the amount of time it takes for data to be sent and received between your device and the game server) are one of the most common causes of lag, and lag can ruin your game session and your fun.

The distance between your device and the game server is one of the primary causes of long ping delays. Using a VPN to connect to a server closer to the game server can help to reduce ping times and, as a result, latency.

3. Play Banned Games – If You Live in an Area Where Some Games Are Banned

It may seem strange, yet several countries prohibit video games, either because of the style of game or because of the content. Among the countries are the following:

The United Kingdom has banned various games that depict realistic scenes of gratuitous violence or sexual activity.

Germany bans games that encourage or allude to Nazism.

Australia: Has the most extensive list of banned games and prohibits anything containing sexual material, nudity, drug usage, violence, and even graffiti.

Venezuela bans any game in which the purpose is to shoot people.

Brazil bans all games with extreme violence.

China bans games for a variety of reasons, including those that “hurt China’s national dignity and interests.”

Many of these countries prohibit the sale, download, or play of certain games and impose stringent censorship on others.

If you live in a country where games are prohibited, censored, or geo-restricted, use a VPN to connect to a server in a nation where the game you wish to play is not prohibited.

4. It Eliminates Bandwidth Throttling

For various reasons, several internet service providers (ISPs) limit or slow down bandwidth. Some throttle at specified times and days to relieve network congestion. Others automatically throttle if they identify specific network traffic, such as gaming, streaming, or file sharing. Many throttle after a certain quantity of data is transferred.

The quantity of data used each hour by a game varies depending on the game, however here are a few examples:

GameAverage Data Per Hour
Grand Theft Auto V Online60MB
Call of Duty Black Ops 480MB
Destiny 2300MB

These figures are based on 1 hour of gameplay. They do not account for any game updates that you may need to download.

As you can see, the amount of data a game requires varies greatly depending on the game title, game type, and what you perform in the game. If you play for more than a few hours each day and download all the updates, you may quickly exceed a data cap.

A VPN can help you escape data throttling by encrypting your data, making it more difficult for your ISP to determine whether you’re gaming or just browsing the web.

Many premium VPNs may also change the ports you use, making it even more difficult for your ISP to limit your traffic.

5. You Get To Enjoy New Releases Early – If They Are Only Available in Certain Areas First

New games are rarely published simultaneously all around the world. It’s frustrating to become excited about a new game release just to find out it won’t be available in your area right away, especially if you’ve been waiting a long time.

Because you can connect to a VPN, you can play the most recent release on the day it is released, even if it is not available in your area. Connect to a VPN server in the country where the game was launched and have fun!

6. Connecting to a VPN Shields You From IP Bans

Many game developers utilize IP bans to keep gamers out of a game if they breach the terms of service or any other rules.

There have also been instances where users’ IP addresses have been blocked for no apparent reason. Some bans are short, such as a week’s “time-out” for inappropriate behavior, while others are permanent.

Of course, breaking any terms of service or other rules is not a good idea. However, if you discover that you’ve been IP blocked for some reason, connecting to a VPN will provide you with a new IP address, allowing you to evade the ban.

It should be noted that several games outright prohibit the usage of VPNs. However, a decent VPN has enough servers that if you are barred from using VPN, try connecting to a different server.

7. Play Online From Anywhere

Many online games have servers in many areas, and geoblocking technology is frequently used to ensure that you connect to the server in your zone.

This is common when a game has not yet been launched worldwide, when games are grouped by language, or when games are so popular that servers in multiple areas are required to manage all the connections.

If you are in the United States, you connect to a server in the United States. If you are in the United Kingdom, you connect to a server in the United Kingdom or Europe. However, this may present issues if you live in one region and want to play with pals in another.

Premium VPNs feature servers in several countries. Connecting to a server outside of your typical area is therefore simple. Choose a suitable firm and connect to a server there using your VPN.

You can play from any region because a VPN hides your real IP address and assigns you one from the server you connect to.

8. VPNs Protect You From Swatting

While it is uncommon, there have been reports of gamers becoming so enraged that they begin stalking other players, particularly in multiplayer games.

If an unhappy gamer discovers your IP address, they may hack into your social media accounts or even follow you down and stalk you offline.

In extreme circumstances, they may even utilize a method known as swatting. While uncommon, this is a kind of harassment in which someone summons emergency services to another person’s home by posing as a hostage, insinuating a bomb threat, or some other emergency issue. This has occasionally proven lethal.

9. Using A VPN Safeguards You Against DDoS Attacks

A DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is one in which someone sends a large number of requests from hacked computers to a single system in order to bring it down.

DDoS attacks were once largely confined for websites and occasionally online games. However, DDoS software is now widely available, and nearly anyone may launch a DDoS assault against a website or other users. This means that your opponent could attempt to DDoS you.

Because a VPN covers your IP address, anyone attempting to DDoS you will be unable to locate your connection and flood it with unwanted data.

10. It Keeps You Safe While Using Public/Free WiFi

Whether you want to play on your phone, tablet, or laptop, you may need to connect to public WiFi at times.

Public WiFi is available practically everywhere, including hotels, restaurants, airports, and shopping malls. These free hotspots allow you to connect to the internet and play games. However, public WiFi is frequently insecure and can expose users to a variety of hazards, including: unencrypted networks, WiFi sniffing and snooping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and malware.

Most premium VPNs support multiple devices and include a variety of security features, such as cutting-edge encryption technology. So, even if you’re utilizing public WiFi, using a VPN encrypts your data. A hacker may still intercept your data in rare cases, but they will be unable to decipher it.


Whether you game on your PC, a gaming console, or your smartphone, a VPN for gaming can help protect you from a variety of security issues, some of which can be pretty frightening.

VPNs may also enable you to play with friends in different countries and gain access to geoblocked content. 

If I were to recommend a VPN to you, it would be Surfshark. It provides the highest level of security, a large number of global servers to choose from, and is lightning quick for your gaming needs.

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