Top 3 Asian Cities to Visit

Top 3 Asian Cities to Visit

The largest and the most populous continent on the planet is packed with natural beauties, amazing architecture, traditional cuisines, and rich culture. While we often tend to underestimate it because of the significant cultural and language differences, Asia certainly do have a lot to offer to anyone who decides to visit it. It is not all even about the biggest cities because you will find breathtaking places across the whole continent. If you are still skeptical, stay tuned and enjoy this article because we have prepared a list of the top three Asian big cities well worth visiting. And if you are interested in betting, Asian is where is both the popular Asian Handicap betting market, as reported by Betting Picks 4 You.


We will start with Bangkok for a special reason. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand will know it. This country has immense tourism potential and is a true gem for any traveler, especially for backpackers who like to mind their budget. More than 25 million people visited the capital in the last year only and we are by no means surprised. This number will likely only go up in the years to come because people have just started to learn about Thailand and its treasures. You’ll find a wide array of places and monuments in Bangkok, from magical markets, across golden palaces, to the oriental temples. You can truly feel the Thai capital only after the sunset. Bangkok is well known for its famous nightlife whose variants come in various shapes allowing you to select between luxurious rooftop lounge bars or the go-go bars situated in the basements of the popular nightclubs.

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Next up is Beijing, one of the most populous cities in the world. Besides the beautiful architecture, streets, and avenues, the Chinese capital is home to almost 22 million people. Beijing has a very rich history as it had been home to Chinese imperators over centuries. It was the capital of the biggest Chinese dynasties and some of its parts are still under the protection of UNESCO. What we particularly like about Beijing is that you are free to visit all parks, palaces, aristocratic temples, etc. Among numerous monuments well worth seeing, we would warmly recommend the Temple of Heaven, Zhoukoudian, Ming Tombs, Summer Palace, and The Palace Museum (also known as “The Forbidden City”). Of course, if you ever find yourselves in the Chinese capital, do not forget to visit the famous Tiananmen Square, the location of numerous important political demonstrations that seriously affected the world’s history.


Tokyo is a perfect blend of past and future. It will amuse you with bountiful imperial palaces, antic sanctuaries, and some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. You can spend your days investigating some of the most popular museums on the globe or learn more about the Japanese pop culture in Harajuku, while in the evenings you can relax and have fun by checking the local pubs in Golden Gai or singing karaoke in Shibuya. Of course, you will want to try as many different food places as possible there because Tokyo is home to some of the most recognizable and reputable restaurants in the world.

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Other Famous Metropolises

As mentioned in the introduction, Asian tourism is much more than these three cities. This continent is home to some of the most special capital cities in the world. You can enjoy cheap shopping in Kuala Lumpur while at the same time enjoying a wide range of its mosques, temples, and colonial buildings. Seoul’s mix of rich cultural history and picturesque futuristic buildings will leave you speechless, while Singapore’s food and spectacular nightlife will provide a unique sense of enjoyment and entertainment. We could discuss many more cities and towns, not just the capitals, but let’s end here for now. Make sure to put some of the aforementioned Asian gems on your travel list. We promise you won’t regret it. 

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