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Look, we’re all friends here so I wouldn’t sell you a pup – there is no jeopardy in this game. Wolfsberger will have to score at least four and win by at least three, because they are 4-1 down from their home leg. That is not going to happen, so we’re largely here to enjoy an appetiser to tonight’s games – and also to keep an eye on any intriguing subplots.

Make no mistake, there are some of those. The main one is that Spurs can’t really get away with dialling this in tonight, except strictly speaking in result terms. They need to start proving that Jose Mourinho’s methods are the best – as if any of us ever had any doubt! – and that, in whatever competition, they can string together a run of form. That hasn’t happened for a long time: they’ve lost five Premier League games in six and need to take their pick-me-ups where they can. A snoozefest, or worse, today would not help the prevailing mood.

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