Tough to be student again after decades: Xiang Yun now certified holistic nutrition consultant

As of late, a few local celebrities, like Dennis Chew and Suhaimi Yusof, have proven that the learning never stops no matter how old you get. 

They aren’t the only ones either and today (May 20), veteran actress Xiang Yun shared that she has finally completed her higher education studies

The 60-year-old told AsiaOne that she has graduated from the International College of Holistic Health with two certifications: in Holistic Nutrition and Consultation Skills and also Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists. 

She’s now a certified holistic nutrition consultant.

She also announced the good news in an Instagram post, which contained a series of celebratory photos with her loved ones and classmates. 

“After being away from school for decades, it’s challenging to return to the life of a student,” she penned, adding that she is very happy to “complete a part of her dream”. 

And of course, her actor son Chen Xi, 31, and husband Edmund Chen, 61, spread the good news as well. 


In an emotional Instagram post, Chen Xi said that his mother has lived up to her own advice to her children. 

“My mom has always emphasised on education and today she finally got her own graduation,” he wrote. 

He also shared that Xiang Yun never got the opportunity to complete her education journey due to past “financial challenges” and like many individuals from her generation, she had given up on her education to work and earn money for the family. 

“I’m so, so proud of you Ma! Never stop learning,” he concluded. 

On his own Instagram account, Edmund congratulated his wife and commended her on her diligence.


“For the past one year and eight months, I’ve seen how hard Xiang Yun persisted and worked hard,” he penned, adding that she had to juggle between memorising scripts and studying at the same time. 



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