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The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has revealed that one of its traffic police officers is being investigated for not wearing his mask properly while on duty, after a video of the traffic police officer began circulating online.

A video showing the traffic police officer not wearing his mask properly was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday (17 May). In the video, the officer can be seen performing his duties on an overhead bridge with his mask pulled down. His mask covered his mouth but not his nose.

The officer did not react to being filmed. The video quickly went viral, garnering at least 75,000 views and over a thousand shares on one account.

Wearing a mask in public is now mandatory in Singapore and those who flout the rule will face fines or prosecution in court. Only those engaging in strenuous exercise outdoors are exempt from this rule during the period of their exercise.

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The SPF has since said that all police officers are expected to comply with circuit breaker measures and wear masks while on duty. It added, “The TP officer in the video is being investigated for not wearing his mask properly.”

Member of the public was unhappy that the police officer did not wear his mask properly

Posted by SG Dirty Fella on Sunday, May 17, 2020

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