Travelling in Asia, a Continent of Contrasts

Asia is the largest continent on the planet with 44.58 million square kilometres. That is why it is important to be well informed when it comes to visiting it. It is made up of many countries and places of great beauty and grace. Due to its position and characteristics, it offers a diverse range of tourist attractions. 

Its culture and traditions are very popular and unique all over the world. It is also the area of the planet with the largest population.Therefore, one of the favourite destinations for sex tourism beyond the beautiful escorts of Christchurch or the hot Latin ladies. 

Another reason why many people visit the continent is because it is an affordable destination. So with a low budget it is possible to see and visit temples, monuments and breathtaking scenery.

To travel to Asia is to witness the evolution and authentic history depicted in a multitude of films and stories. Combined with a population that stands out for its hospitality and humility. Another of the great attractions of the area, as well as some adult websites such as Skokka.

But which are the most popular destinations on the Asian continent? The ones you must visit at least once in a lifetime, to satisfy and enjoy all five senses? Because in addition to marvelling at the sights, the local cuisine is paramount, typical to see, smell and taste while strolling through each of its streets.


One of the most popular countries for tourism and known for its spirituality and traditions. A place that has also inspired great and popular tales such as The Thousand and One Nights, among others. 

This is due, for example, to the fame of Bandhavgarh Park. It is the home of the Bengal tigers, the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. A nature reserve where it is possible to live in the midst of nature with the ruins of what remains of the ancient statues seen in the popular film. 

Another great story that takes place in India is none other than “Aladdin”. In this case, more specifically in Agra. A place to admire, the sultan’s house, the grand and popular Taj Mahal. Not surprisingly, it is one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Other cities of great tourist attraction in India are Bombay, Bangalore, New Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad. Large, bustling megalopolises, home to a multitude of companies and where it’s easy to marvel at the distinctive temples and buildings alongside one of India’s independent escorts.

Travelling in Asia, a Continent of Contrasts

China and Japan

Two true economic giants with unique ways of being and traditions. One of them has the origin of gunpowder, while the other has a prominent role in video games and animation. Two countries with much to discover. 

On the one hand, travelling to China is an experience to be lived. But it is also an area heavily affected by earthquakes – all the more reason to admire its great cities and the buildings designed to withstand them. 

Whenever visiting, it is a must go to major cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. As well as visit the Great Wall of China (which measures almost 9,000 kilometres), the Terracotta Warriors of Xian, the Great Buddha of Leshan and experience the Great New Year.

Japan, meanwhile, is the birthplace of anime, major game and console developers and will even host the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and the famous volcano, Mount Fuji, are all must-sees for culture and scenery. Places where geishas come from, with a multitude of temples and even where one of the atomic bombs fell during the Second World War. 

A real experience, like entering a parallel world, where it is possible to enjoy unique activities and places. Beyond the beauty and the typical portrayal in the adult sector of Japanese escorts in Melbourne.

Israel, Jordan, Nepal and Saudi Arabia

Other unique countries on this continent. Classic and recurrent destinations for the most religious and believers. In this large area there are many well-known and popular places such as Jerusalem and Mecca. Places of pilgrimage, widely visited every year.

Although it is not the only attraction of these lands. Many tourists also visit the well-known Dead Sea. Its high levels of salinity in its waters make everything float easily. A once in a lifetime experience.

Another unique place to mention is Nepal, home to the highest point in the world (Everest, 8850 metres). It is also one of the most spiritual destinations in the area. 

It is where Buddha was born, and where nature is extremely important.

Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives and Malaysia

Additionally, in Asia it is possible to find much more than spirituality. With a more temperate climate, the ability to stroll and bathe on paradisiacal beaches in the middle of nature with lots of vegetation and even mountains, one of these countries is the answer. 

Thousands of tourists flock to these destinations to marvel at the contrast of their landscapes, relax on their white sands and in their crystal-clear waters. Perfect for forgetting the worries or celebrating a honeymoon. Idyllic destinations for romantic experiences, alone or in company.


When it comes to travelling in Asia, one of its greatest countries cannot be forgotten. Beyond vodka – the typical Russian drink, Matryoshka dolls, Tolstoy, cold weather and snow, Russia has a lot to offer. This land is the origin and inspiration for the story of Anastasia, daughter of the last Tsar of Imperial Russia, as it happened with the Indian tale of Aladdin.

Just as it was mentioned earlier that Nepal was the highest point in the world, in Russia it is possible to find the deepest lake (Baikal, 1680 metres deep).

It is also worth visiting major cities such as Moscow (and its popular Red Square), St Petersburg and Siberia. Special attention should be paid to architectural styles and palaces. Other natural sites such as the Black Sea and the Kamchatka peninsula are further recommended.

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