Travis Scott’s lawyer calls lawsuit over unofficial compilation artwork ‘frivolous and baseless’

A legal representative for Travis Scott has disputed a legal filing by a French artist surrounding the cover artwork for the 2015 compilation Travis La Flame.

As was pointed out by the rapper’s attorney, the album, which can be found on streaming service Tidal and features tracks from his mixtape Days Before Rodeo, was not officially released by the artist.

Instead, the compilation, which has been removed from various other streaming services, is said to be a fan-made release.

The lawsuit in question concerns artist Mickaël Mehala, whose artwork depicting Scott as a centaur was allegedly sent to Scott via Instagram in 2015.

Per the initial report in TMZ, Mehala has stated he “never heard back” from Scott, and is seeking “hundreds of thousands of dollars” through the French courts after noticing the painting’s use.

In a statement provided to various media outlets, Scott’s lawyer said: “This is clearly a frivolous and baseless filing. Anyone with access to the internet can tell you that Travis never released an album named La Flame.

“The illustration in question was fan-made, and was uploaded to streaming services by those fans, something that any user has the option of doing. Streaming services quickly removed it after they realised that certain people were trying to pass this off as a legitimate album cover. We look forward to responding to this case and obtaining a quick dismissal.”

Scott is also currently facing multiple lawsuits related to the tragedy at the Astroworld music festival last year.

The artist has denied liability for the incident, in which a crowd crush led to the death of 10 people, injuring many more.

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