Trio charged after they allegedly helped scammers in money laundering activities involving over $5.4m

SINGAPORE – Three men were hauled to a district court on Friday after they allegedly conspired to help scam syndicates in money laundering activities involving crime proceeds totalling more than $5.4 million.

One of the men is Muhammad Amirul’adli Selamat, 28, and his case allegedly involved ill-gotten gains totalling over $5.1 million.

He is accused of two counts of cheating and three charges under the Computer Misuse Act.

The police said on Friday that in April 2022, a friend offered Amirul’adli cash in exchange for opening bank accounts and relinquishing his control over them.

Amirul’adli is said to have opened accounts with UOB and OCBC Bank on April 27, 2022.

He allegedly shared with his friend information such as i-banking credentials linked to them for $100 per account.

The police said these two bank accounts were later used to launder proceeds of criminal activities totalling more than $550,000.

Amirul’adli is also accused of sharing his wife’s Singpass login details in exchange for $100.

A spokesman for the police said: “The scam syndicate used the relinquished information to register one company and one DBS corporate bank account.

“Four other bank accounts with HSBC, CIMB, UOB and SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) were also opened in his wife’s name using her Singpass details.”

The bank accounts were later used to launder more than $4.6 million in ill-gotten gains.

Amirul’adli’s case been adjourned to Feb 10, 2023.

The other two men who were charged on Friday over an unrelated case are James Tan Qimou, 23, and Mohammed Naif Waheed Abdallah M Bazaraah, 25. It allegedly involved crime proceeds of over $267,000 in total.

The two were each charged with an offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

According to court documents, Naif allegedly disclosed to an unknown person information such as his Singpass user ID and password on or around Jan 10, 2022, to earn a $250 commission.

Tan, who is accused of instigating him to commit the offence, allegedly earned a $500 commission.

The police said Tan allegedly instigated Naif to hand over his Singpass login details after the younger man chanced upon a message on communication platform Telegram, offering fast cash in exchange for such information.

The spokesman added: “A scam syndicate successfully registered three bank accounts with SCB, UOB and HSBC in (Naif’s) name.

“These bank accounts were subsequently used to launder proceeds of crime amounting to more than $267,000.” 

The pair’s cases will be mentioned again in court on Jan 13, 2023.


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