BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army clashed with anti-government protesters as they marched towards the Presidential Palace in Baabda on Saturday.

The protesters were chanting slogans against Lebanese president Michel Aoun, largely seen as one of the perpetrators behind the country’s multiple economic and political crises.

Footage seen from the protests showed soldiers shooting rubber bullets at protesters as they marched carrying a black and white Lebanese flag – symbolizing a nation in mourning.

It has been more than a month since nearly 40 percent of the capital Beirut was destroyed following a massive blast on Aug. 4 at the city’s port that left at least 200 killed, over 6,500 injured and nearly 300,000 homeless.

On Thursday, a huge fire broke out at the port that terrified already traumatized citizens in the city and blanketed the sky in black smoke. This, combined with the rising cases of coronavirus and the free-falling valuation of the country’s currency, has enraged citizens reeling from decades of corruption and negligence by the ruling elite.

Lebanon’s nationwide protests against sectarianism and corruption kicked off in October last year. While the protests have been sporadic, clashes between security forces and protesters are regular when they do happen.


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