'Unnie, are you okay?' Fans concerned after Han So-hee posts bizarre-looking drawings on Instagram

When art is left to interpretation, things can get a little wild.

In a series of Instagram posts uploaded to her account from Monday (Aug 8) until Friday, Korean actress Han So-hee shared more than 10 abstract drawings that have caused netizens to be concerned for her mental health.

The hugely popular 27-year-old, who studied art, recently injured her face in an accident on Aug 3 while filming her new K-drama Gyeongseong Creature, Soompi reported.

A representative from So-hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment said the same day that the injury was not a major one and it wasn’t necessary to change the filming schedule.

However, the agency added that they will ensure she takes sufficient rest to recover from her wounds.

Of the strange drawings uploaded, one that especially caught the attention of fans was a drawing that appeared to be of a dog with human-like feet. The creature is leashed around its waist by a thick red rope, which also appears to have chafed its skin, causing it to bleed.

The face of the creature appears to be censored by black scratches.


Commented one netizen: “Unnie, are you okay?”

‘Unnie’ is Korean for older sister.

Said another: “I hope these are just artistic expressions which are not inspired by reality. However, I still feel a bit worried.”


In another group of images, two individuals are standing face-to-face, with one sticking their arm through the other’s chest while the two embrace. However, the faces of both individuals are smudged off by a layered green cloud.

The next image then depicts them lying on the ground back-to-back with their faces smudged off again. Long lines stream down from one individual to the other.

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Another image that So-hee posted features an English sentence: “And naver (sic) have I felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world.”


This is likely a quote from the French philosopher Albert Camus in the essay The Wind at Djemila, based on his travels to the titular Djemila, a Roman city in Northern Algeria.

Camus continued to write after that quote: “Yes, I am present. And what strikes me at this moment is that I can go no further – like a man sentenced to life imprisonment, to whom everything is present. But also like a man who knows that tomorrow will be the same, and every other day.”

So-hee was an art student in college and her own works were featured in her previous K-drama Nevertheless, where she and actor Song Kang played art students in a university’s sculpture department.

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