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LONDON: Aerial images taken by the US Naval Institute on Tuesday showed an Iranian warship with seven high-speed missile attack craft aboard thought to be headed to Venezuela.

The vessel, alongside a former oil tanker called the Makran, were spotted traveling along the eastern coast of Africa. Their ultimate destination remains unknown, but US intelligence believes they are headed to Venezuela.

The Makran was seen leaving port in Bandar Abbas on April 28. When asked about the destination of the ships, Iranian Foreign Ministry officials asserted their rights to operate worldwide.

Each of the craft aboard the warship measure approximately 17.5 meters long. The ship could also be carrying other weaponry and military hardware.

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Iran and Venezuela have developed close ties over the years, and cooperate on multiple fronts, including in oil shipment and on projects pertaining to things like cars and cement.

Venezuela’s regime has talked openly about acquiring weapons and arms from Iran in the past, which has sparked concern in the US.

Iranian warship thought to be headed to Venezuela left port with seven high-speed missile boats aboard. (Maxar Technologies)
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