Veteran singer DJ Dave celebrates 75th birthday, says no Botox was used to maintain his youthful looks (VIDEO)

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — Famous veteran singer Datuk DJ Dave celebrated his 75th birthday recently.

Being in his golden years, Dave — whose music was well known during the 1970s — is also known for his youthful looks.

According to Dave, he had never used Botox or any kind of beauty injections in order to maintain his appearance, as reported by MStar.

Instead, the Ingin Bersua singer preferred a more hands-on approach which is physical exercise and watching his food intake.

“I have never done botox or any of that. I would just do exercises regularly at home, without going to the gym,” said Dave, whose real name is Irwan Shah Abdullah

“I also follow a balanced diet because for me, we need to burn the calories that we’ve consumed from our food,” he said.

Apart from taking necessary supplements such as vitamin C and D, he would eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. He also cut down on his meat and ate more fish instead.

“I would also heed my father’s advice… if I’m going to do something, do it well and avoid doing things that could bring harm to myself,” he said.

This year, Dave decided to spend his birthday at Rumah Titian Kasih KL with the underprivileged communities including persons with disabilities, orphans and those living in poverty.

This has been an ongoing birthday tradition for the singer.

“Who am I without them? Seeing their smiles and joy brings happiness to me.

“Insya Allah, I pray and hope to be blessed with more time so I could spend it with them in the years to come.

“I was taught since little to spread happiness and to appreciate people equally. After 51 years in the industry, I hope this tradition will continue to live on,” he said.


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