Video of 6-year-old kicking infant in Tin Shui Wai sports center draws outrage

A video of a six-year-old boy kicking an infant in a sports center in Tin Shui Wai has gone viral, drawing the outrage of many netizens in Hong Kong.

In a 27-second video posted on an Instagram page called civilsecretshk on Sunday, the boy can be seen walking over to step on the back of the baby, who was just crawling on the floor.

According to the poster, the video took place at a playroom at the Tin Fai Road Sports Centre.

The poster said that the baby started crying immediately after, adding that parents at the scene said it was not the first time the boy had been seen doing that.

Another netizen claimed that the mother of the boy told the baby’ mom, “Since my son hit your son, you can retaliate by hitting my son back.”

The video has drawn the ire of many internet users.

“That’s insane,” said one netizen.

“So angry, I cannot accept this at all,” another added.

Many believed the fault lay with the boy’s parents.

“You need a license to be a parent,” said an internet user.

Another pointed out how the parents of the baby should report the incident to the police so that there is a record.

The netizen added the parents of the boy need to be strict with him now or he would go astray when he is older.


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