Vincent Ng sets his sights on China market, says acting requires 'effort and sacrifice'

Vincent Ng is making an acting comeback after almost a decade away from the industry, but he’s not starting small. In fact, the former Mediacorp actor has set his sights on China’s showbiz, he told 8world recently.

He’s signed on with film investment company 8028 Holdings, along with former Mediacorp actress Sora Ma, and the company is ready to support them in entering the China market.

Since leaving Mediacorp after his contract expired in 2007, he has kept a relatively low profile and was running his wushu school Wufang.

Although, he did open a gym with ex-national athlete and singer Alfred Sim in 2019 and told AsiaOne at that time that he had an acting project in the works.

And it seems that he was hinting at his comeback movie Deleted.

Deleted is an action movie following the protagonist (played by Edmund Tay) as he pursues his daughter’s kidnappers into the criminal underworld and Vincent will portray the captain of a special police unit.

With every new venture, teething issues are to be expected but Vincent already knows that acting is a demanding profession.

“The path of acting is arduous,” the returning actor warned in his interview with 8world. “If you don’t have perseverance, don’t attempt it.


“Once you decide on developing yourself in the industry, it will require effort and sacrifice, which is inevitable.”

He’s likely qualified to speak about it too, considering his experience in showbiz. After failing to compete for top three in Star Search 1997, Vincent persevered to forge a name for himself.

Fighting his way to the top — quite literally, since he was known for his action scenes — Vincent ultimately won Star Award’s Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes five times before his contract ended.

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But all that was when Vincent was younger, and he acknowledged the differences in his health and the effort he would need to put in again when acting.

“When I was younger all I would need was a warm-up, and then I would immediately be able to flip and tumble around the place.

“Now I need to focus on regular exercise and eat well, be healthy and get enough rest,” Vincent said, adding that he used to be able to eat anything he wanted when he was younger.

The martial artist also said that he must be responsible and stay in shape as he expects to reprise his role as an action star.

He added: “But I won’t exclude the possibility of trying out other genres.”


“Everything is up to the company’s plans and arrangements,” Vincent also shared, revealing that he “hasn’t set any goals” as to how he will “develop in Chinese showbiz”.

However, you can expect that he is going to give a great performance. Vincent said: “Personally, no matter what I do, from athletics to acting, I make sure to do my best.”

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