Voices: As women of colour, workplace discrimination is our constant reality

Entering the workforce or starting a new job is nerve-wracking enough as it is – picking the right outfit for your first day, meeting new people and trying to make a good impression in front of your bosses and colleagues. This is made even more stressful when you’re a woman of colour at risk of racism, sexism and discrimination.

A new report by the Runnymede Trust and the Fawcett Society has revealed that three-quarters of women of colour in the UK have experienced some form of racism at work and over 60 per cent change their use of language, hairstyle, clothes or diet in order to fit in.

From changing the pronunciation of our names to constantly code-switching and missing out on promotions while our white peers excel – I, and many other women of colour can sympathise with how hard it can be navigating majority-white workspaces.


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