Warisan leader says the party’s strength in Semporna remains as the vast majority of members are still loyal to the party. (Facebook pic)

SEMPORNA: Warisan has denied reports that some 30 branch chiefs in Semporna have quit the party to join PPBM.

Semporna Warisan information chief Hasbullah Raudah said based on photos going around, some of the individuals claiming to have joined PPBM were actually members and former branch leaders of Umno.

While there were some in the photos who were indeed Warisan members, he said they were still with the party and had been unaware of the agenda of the meeting they attended yesterday.

“They said the agenda of the meeting yesterday was not clear and was manipulated. It was not as what was informed through the media,” he said in a statement today.

Hasbullah Raudah.

Hasbullah maintained that the party’s strength in Semporna would remain even if it was true that some branch leaders had quit the party, as the members were still loyal to Warisan.

“We admit that there were individuals who requested to start new pro tem status branches. However, I stress again that they are not leaders of registered branches. If anything, they are ordinary members.”

He added that the division will be getting confirmation from the individuals involved on whether they really have left the party.

Bernama reported yesterday that 30 branch heads from Warisan here quit the party to join PPBM, with Kampung Bangau-Bangau Panglima Atani Warisan chief Noorasmah Omar supposedly saying the Warisan leadership had failed to keep its promises to the people.

Noorasmah, 57, was among the 30 from Mukim Simunul and Bangau-Bangau who submitted membership forms to join PPBM to the party’s Semporna division chief, Mohd Daud Tampokong at a ceremony.

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