The GX-5 Extreme Swing and Trampoline Bungy, for the uninitiated, are two adrenaline-spiking attractions in Singapore‘s bustling nightlife district of Clarke Quay. Many tourists with an interest in giving themselves a scare have attempted the Extreme Swing ride, even with its Extremely Expensive price of S$45 per person. But for locals, it’s no big deal, especially when you’ve seen the contraption launch and heard the shrieks one too many times during a drinking sesh by the river.

Enter the latest vid to go viral, featuring a bemused bungee worker accompanying a young boy on the ride just to help ease his fears. The clip, which has made the rounds on Twitter since it went up yesterday, was posted by the employee who said she strapped on to go along with the terrified tourist from Indonesia because “he was scared to go alone.” Aww.

Adorably, the boy’s reactions when the ride first kicked off with a whoosh were priceless. Think arms and legs flailing, and hands tightly gripping the safety harness for dear life, while the staff member yells in a more restrained manner and visibly relaxes soon after.

Props to the young sir for bravely stepping up to the plate and conquering his fears.


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