Since the age of portable Bluetooth speakers arrived, JBL has always been at the forefront of the pack. And deservedly so, considering that the company manufactures devices that shoot out massive sounds that (1) remain clear despite the wireless connection and (2) are loud despite their small sizes. 

Not content with conquering the realm of portable audio (which had the unfortunate effect of being a mainstay for e-scooter-riding youth here), JBL has dived into the world of gaming, where audio clarity could mean virtual life or death. The all-new Quantum range of gaming accessories is now available for gamers in Singapore — exclusively available on their flagship store on Lazada


In a display of their tech muscles, the company has produced a high-end wired PC gaming headset called the JBL Quantum One. It’s a noise-cancelling headset built with everything a gamer would want: immersive 7.1 surround sound to hear every little thing (footsteps, for example) from various directions and over-the-top customisable lighting effects. 

But what truly makes this headset cool is the Spatial Sound feature. Gyroscopes built into the headphones allow for head-tracking audio, which means when you move your head, the sound matches your position and movement. It adds quite a lot to the gaming and music-listening experience as our Unwrapped host Jarvis Quek found out when he recently tried the Quantum One for himself.


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