Apart from salted egg and mala, bubble tea is one thing that Singaporeans just can’t seem to get sick of.

During the circuit breaker, when we had to bid a temporary goodbye to bubble tea shops, many were absolutely devastated and swarmed the malls for a final cup of bubble tea.

And when bubble tea shops finally reopened, some even started purchasing masks with a hole created specifically to fit a bubble tea straw.

To ride on this seemingly immortal trend, multiple eateries have also come up with food creations based on the popular drink. 

Jumping onto the bandwagon is Pizza Hut with their newly launched Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza ($29.90 for the regular size).


This sweet and savoury pizza features Pizza Hut’s signature base smothered in a brown sugar milk tea sauce, topped with bubble tea pearls, marshmallows and mozzarella cheese.

The pizza crust also happens to be their popular cheesy stuffed crust, so you get that extra bit of cheesiness with every slice.

I am personally not a huge fan of bubble tea so I admittedly wasn’t looking forward to trying the pizza. Hoping that it may change my views on the popular drink, I still gave it a go but unfortunately, I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to.

To me, pizzas are best enjoyed with savoury toppings, so having it slathered in sweet toppings such as brown sugar milk tea sauce and marshmallows didn’t help.


The contrasting combination of chewy bubble tea pearls with pizza bread was also pretty odd and something that I just couldn’t appreciate. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the cheesy stuffed crust but it just didn’t gel very well together with the other components of the pizza.

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Nonetheless, everyone’s tastebuds vary, and I can foresee how some bubble tea fanatics may find this unique creation appealing.

Curious to know how others may feel, I let some of my colleagues who are a little more partial to milk tea have a taste.

The general consensus? The pizza did have a pleasant aroma, but was a tad too sugary for their liking, clashing with the savoury cheese base.

If you’re keen on trying this unique pizza for yourself, it will be available at 67 Pizza Hut outlets islandwide till Mar 30. You can also order it online.




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