Weed, maple or kang kong? Singapore block spotted with suspicious design motif

A housing block plastered with marijuana leaves in drug-forbidding Singapore? Well, that’s a first.

A questionable design motif resembling weed leaves on the exterior of a public housing block, said to be in a newly built estate in Woodleigh Glen, is making its rounds today.

The panels, which were first spotted last month, were seen on every floor of the block.

“There’s a pretty interesting pattern on this newly built BTO,” Reddit user Pixdam wrote.

Some commented saying that they were probably intended to be “maple leaves” or even “Kang Kong”, aka water spinach, a current running joke to make fun of a Singaporean woman who recently mistook cannabis for Kang Kong in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

But those leaves look nothing like marijuana leaves which could be the result of the lack of weeducation in sheltered Singapore. 

Jalan Besar Town Council, the constituency in charge of the block’s neighborhood, has not immediately responded to Coconuts’ request for comment.

Singapore is known for having draconian drug laws, even when it comes to cannabis. The unrelenting strict laws even got National swimmer Joseph Schooling confessing and a 49-year-old Singaporean Malay man executed for trafficking cannabis.


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