'What an insult to me': Guo Liang has been nominated 17 times as a host but only won once

In what can only be described as the Meryl Streep of local showbiz, veteran host Guo Liang has been nominated 17 times for his work at the Star Awards.

However, he has only won once in 2009 for CelebriTEA Break.

That trivia was revealed in the latest episode of the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out and it visibly affected the 52-year-old.

He said: “[I was nominated] 17 times because there were few hosts. It was just five of us. A nomination was guaranteed. Of the 17 times, I knew I’d come out empty-handed 16 times.”

When asked why he thought that, Guo Liang told local TV host Quan Yi Fong: “Because my programmes aren’t funny.”

He exclaimed: “Something really annoys me. Did the professional judges think the other professional hosts they’d nominated would be able to make my programme funny? Could they be as professional as me?”

While he was agitated, it’s unclear if he was genuinely upset or facetious as he broke into a laugh after his rant.

Compared to other hosts in the local industry — like Mark Lee, Kym Ng, Bryan Wong, and even Yi Fong herself — Guo Liang has always been associated with hosting more ‘serious’ programmes and not the variety shows.


This was something Yi Fong pointed out as she said Guo Liang lost narrowly due to the “genre of the programmes” and not because of his skills. In fact, every year, the programme that he was nominated for showcased his competency as a host.

Alas, there were “unexpected contenders” in the form of variety shows, entertainment programmes and even travel shows. 

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This wasn’t lost on Guo Liang who said it was a “let-down”. He cited the cooking challenge show Love On The Plate as an example and said if that show was in the running, even he wouldn’t give the award to himself.

He explained: “Variety programmes are supposed to be exciting. They should be fun and exciting. Of course, such programmes are entertaining. However, would a producer get Guo Liang to host a programme like Love On The Plate? Of course not.

“I’m obviously predestined to not be an award winner. It was superfluous to get me nominated. What an insult to me.”

That’s why awards no longer matter to Guo Liang now.

He said: “What matters is whether I’ve given my all to a programme. I must be accountable to myself.”

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