Wild boar’s buttocks bloodied after suspected attack with sharp weapon

A wild boar was allegedly pierced by a sharp weapon at Tai Tam Country Park Friday, leaving a bloody gash on its bottom.

The injured boar was spotted by a hiker who heard the animal’s cries along Wilson Trail, near private housing estate Hong Kong Parkview, HK01 reported.

The hiker said that she saw a middle-aged man wearing camouflage and wielding a spear-like weapon, though it is unclear whether the man was behind the attack. Police told Coconuts that they have no relevant information on hand.

A wild boar researcher managed to find the injured boar Monday afternoon on a hillside off Wilson Trail. He said the animal had “lost a piece of its flesh” and that its wound had started to decay.

“The wound is the size of a table tennis ball” the researcher told HK01, adding that “emergency care” was needed to treat the infection.

However, the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said that it would not treat the boar as it is a wild animal, but will continue to monitor its condition and take “relevant action” if needed.

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Boars are common in Hong Kong. A woman was attacked by a wild pig when she stopped for photos during a hike in Quarry Bay last week, while a baby boar wandered onto an MTR train and even changed subway lines in June.

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