Winners and losers in the 15th Melaka state election: A detailed account of where the votes went

Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Seri Ab Rauf are pictured at Barisan Nasional's command centre in Ayer Keroh November 20, 2021.― Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Seri Ab Rauf are pictured at Barisan Nasional’s command centre in Ayer Keroh November 20, 2021.― Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates romped to victory in the Melaka polls yesterday, winning 21 seats from a total of 28.

In total, 95,157 votes were cast for BN candidates with the largest margin of victory coming in the Lendu seat where the party’s chief minister candidate Datuk Seri Sulaiman Ali won with 4,486 votes compared to Bersatu’s Major Abdullah Mahadi with 1,382 votes, a difference of 3,104 votes.

Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh trumped Perikatan Nasional (PN) Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin with a thin majority of 364 votes in the hot seat of Tanjung Bidara.

Ab Rauf garnered 3,559 votes, while Mas Ermieyati obtained 3,195 votes. Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) Zainal Hassan only managed a mere 489 votes.

BN component parties MCA contributed two seats (Machap Jaya and Kelebang) and MIC one seat (Gadek) to its total 21-seat tally.

PH component party DAP’s candidates won with huge margins in their constituencies. 

Kesidang candidate Seah Soo Chin won with a massive margin of 10,237 votes to closest rival Leong Hui Ying from BN component party MCA.

Ayer Keroh’s DAP candidate Kerk Chee Yee also won with a margin of 5,624 votes from closest rival Yong Fuan Juan from BN component party MCA, while Kota Laksamana candidate Low Chee Leong won a landslide 11,494 votes from Benjamin Low Chin Hong of MCA as well.

DAP also won Bandar Hilir while another PH component party Amanah took Bukit Katil. 

PH’s main party PKR, meanwhile, lost in all 11 seats that it contested, and saw its state chief Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin losing in Paya Rumput. 

PN component party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) won two seats in the form of Sungai Udang and Bemban.

However, PN’s other component parties PAS and Gerakan won no seats yesterday.

The breakdown of who won what is as follows:

N01 Kuala Linggi 
Number of Registered Voters: 10,928
Majority : 1,836

  1. Rosli Abdullah, BN (Umno), 3,554 votes
  2. Julasapiyah Kassim, PH (Amanah), 1,718 votes
  3. Datuk Kamisan Palil, Independent, 51 votes 
  4. Aziah Mohd Sa’ad, PN (PAS), 1,645 votes


N02 Tanjung Bidara
Number of Registered Voters: 10,133
Majority: 364

  1. Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, PN (Bersatu), 3,195 votes
  2. Zainal Hassan, PH (PKR), 489 votes 
  3. Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh, BN (Umno), 3,559 votes
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N03 Ayer Limau 
Number of Registered Voters: 11,227
Majority : 1,085

  1. Datuk Hameed Basheer, BN (Umno), 3,838 votes
  2. Mazenah Baharuddin, PH (Amanah), 798 votes 
  3. Dr Nordina Abd Latif, PN (Bersatu), 2,753 votes


N04 Lendu
Number of Registered Voters: 10,561
Majority 3,104

  1. Major (Rtd) Abdullah Mahadi, PN (Bersatu), 1,382 votes
  2. Mohamad Asri Ibrahim, PH (PKR), 1,155 votes
  3. Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali, BN (Umno), 4,486 votes


N05 Taboh Naning
Number of Registered Voters: 8,661
Majority 1,825

  1. Abu Hashim Abdul Samad, PN (PAS), 1,345 votes
  2. Zulkiflee Mohd Zin, BN (Umno), 3,170 votes
  3. Zairi Suboh, PH (Amanah), 1,024 votes


N06 Rembia 
Number of Registered Voters: 15,756
Majority : 860 

  1. K. Murali, Independant, 64 votes 
  2. Zamri Pakiri, PH (PKR), 3,364 votes
  3. Sabarudin Kudus, Independent, 67 votes 
  4. Datuk Muhammad Jailani Khamis, BN (Umno), 4,224 votes
  5. Zamzuri Arifin, PN (Bersatu), 2,433 votes


N07 Gadek
Number of Registered Voters: 12,641
Majority : 559 

  1. P. Shanmugam V. Ptcyhay, BN (MIC), 3,022 votes
  2. Azafen Amin, Independent, 60 votes 
  3. Laila Norinda Maon, Putra, 68 votes
  4. Mohan Singh Booda Singh, Independent, 23 votes
  5. Mohd Amir Fitri Muharam, PN (Bersatu), 2,041 votes
  6. G. Saminathan, PH (DAP), 2,463 votes


N08 Machap Jaya
Number of Registered Voters: 12,487       
Majority 938

  1. Ngwe Hee Sem, BN (MCA), 3,732 votes
  2. Law Bing Haw, PH (PKR), 2,794 votes
  3. Abdul Aziz Osani Kasim, Parti Perikatan India Muslim Nasional (Iman), 167 votes 
  4. Azlan Daud, Independent, 101 votes 
  5. Tai Siong Jiul, PN (Bersatu), 1,202 votes


N09 Durian Tunggal
Number of Registered Voters: 13,312
Majority : 559 

  1. Mohd Erfan Mahrilar, Independent, 58 votes 
  2. Zahari Abd Kalil, BN (Umno), 3,663 votes 
  3. Sofi Wahab, PH (Amanah), 3,104 votes 
  4. Ja’afar Othman, PN (PAS), 2,208 votes


N10 Asahan
Number of Registered Voters: 15,745
Majority 2,993 votes

  1. Mohd Noor Salleh, Independent, 44 votes 
  2. Fairul Nizam Roslan, BN (Umno), 5,659 votes
  3. Azmar Abdul Hamid, Independent, 99 votes 
  4. B. Dhanesh, PN (Gerakan), 1,364 votes
  5. Datuk Seri Idris Haron, PH (PKR), 2,666 votes 
  6. Mohd Akhir Ayob, Independent, 136 votes 


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N11 Sungai Udang 
Number of Registered Voters: 22,793
Majority 530

  1. Datuk Seri Mohamad Ali Mohamad, BN (Umno), 6,259 votes
  2. Dr Mohd Aleef Yusof, PN (Bersatu), 6,789 votes 
  3. Hasmorni Tamby, PH (PKR), 2,035 votes 
  4. Datuk Mohd Zahar Hasim, Independent, 471 


N12 Pantai Kundor 
Number of Registered Voters: 15,469
Majority : 827 

  1. Mohamad Ridzwan Mustafa, PN (Bersatu), 3,133 votes 
  2. Datuk Nor Azman Hassan, PH (Amanah), 2,799 votes
  3. Tuminah Kadi @ Mohd Hasim, BN (Umno), 3,960 votes 


N13 Paya Rumput
Number of Registered Voters: 26,455
Majority : 629

  1. Datuk Rais Yasin, BN (Umno), 6,830 votes 
  2. Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, PH (PKR), 6,201 votes
  3. Muhammad Faris Izwan Mazlan, PN (Bersatu), 3,972 votes 
  4. Mohamad Hashidi Mohd Zin, Perkasa, 81 
  5. Major (Rtd) Mohd Jaini Dimon, Independent, 127 votes 


N14 Kelebang
Number of Registered Voters: 19,976
Majority : 876

  1. Bakri Jamaluddin, PN (PAS), 3,884 votes
  2. Datuk Lim Ban Hong, BN (MCA), 5,028 votes
  3. Gue Teck, PH (PKR), 4,152 votes


N15 Pengkalan Batu
Number of Registered Voters: 20,821
Majority : 131

  1. Muhammad Danish Zainudin, PH (DAP), 4,708 votes 
  2. Mohd Azrudin Md Idris, PN (Bersatu), 2,681 votes
  3. Datuk Norhizam Hassan Baktee, Independent, 1,218 votes
  4. Mohd Aluwi Sari, Putra, 82 votes 
  5. Datuk Kalsom Noordin, BN (Umno), 4,839 votes


N16 Ayer Keroh
Number of Registered Voters: 25,945
Majority : 5,624 votes

  1. Datuk Seri Micheal Gan Peng Lam, PN (Gerakan), 2,479 votes
  2. Kerk Chee Yee, PH (DAP), 9,459 votes 
  3. Yong Fun Juan, BN (MCA), 3,835 votes


N17 Bukit Katil
Number of Registered Voters: 25,410
Majority ; 1,057

  1. Datuk Hasnoor Sdg Husin, BN (Umno), 5,748 votes
  2. Abdul Hamid Mustapah, Independent, 109 votes 
  3. Adly Zahari, PH (Amanah), 6,805 votes
  4. Muhammad Al Afiz Yahya, PN (PAS), 3,715 votes


N18 Ayer Molek
Number of Registered Voters: 17,863
Majority : 2,802

  1. Datuk Rahmad Mariman, BN (Umno), 6,348 votes
  2. Ahmad Muaz Idris, Independent, 90 votes 
  3. Mohd Fadly Samin, PN (Bersatu), 3,546 votes 
  4. Mohd Rafee Ibrahim, PH (PKR), 2,446 votes


N19 Kesidang
Number of Registered Voters: 37,304
Majority : 10,237

  1. Seah Shoo Chin (Allex Seah), PH (DAP), 14,769 votes
  2. Patrick Ng Chin Kae, PN (Gerakan), 3,124 votes
  3. Leong Hui Ying, BN (MCA), 4,532 votes


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N20 Kota Laksamana
Number of Registered Voters: 28,777
Majority : 11,494 

  1. Fong Khai Ling, PN (Gerakan), 1,190 votes 
  2. Benjamin Low Chin Hong, BN (MCA), 2,014 votes
  3. Low Chee Leong, PH (DAP), 13,508 votes


N21 Duyong
Number of Registered Voters: 18,237
Majority : 200

  1. Gan Tian Soh, Independent, 60 votes (lost deposit)
  2. Mohd Faizal Amzah, Perkasa, 52 votes (lost deposit)
  3. Mohd Noor Helmy Abdul Halim, BN (Umno), 4,684 votes
  4. Damian Yeo Shen Li, PH (DAP), 4,484 votes 
  5. Datuk Kamarudin Sedik, PN (PAS), 2,874 votes
  6. Muhamad Hafiz Ishak, Independent, 57 votes 


N22 Bandar Hilir
Number of Registered Voters: 19,909
Majority : 7,778

  1. Mak Chee Kin, Independent, 159 votes 
  2. Leng Chau Yen, PH (DAP), 9,091 votes
  3. Lee Kah Sean, BN (MCA), 1,313 votes 
  4. Clarice Chan Ming Wang, PN (Gerakan), 634 votes 


N23 Telok Mas
Number of Registered Voters: 20,712
Majority : 2,076

  1. Datuk Mohd Rafiq Naizamohideen, PN (Bersatu), 3,976 votes
  2. Muhammad Ariff Adly Mohammad, Independent, 153 votes
  3. Datuk Ashraf Mukhlis Minghat, PH (Amanah), 3,891 votes
  4. Datuk Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman, BN (Umno), 6,052 votes


N24 Bemban
Number of Registered Voters: 18,573
Majority : 328 

  1. Azmi Kamis, Independent, 130 votes
  2. Datuk Ng Choon Koon, Independent, 850 votes
  3. Tey Kok Kiew, PH (DAP), 3,095 votes
  4. Datuk Koh Chin Han, BN (MCA), 3,883 votes
  5. Dr Mohd Yadzil Yaakub, PN (Bersatu), 4,211 votes


N25 Rim 
Number of Registered Voters: 13,672
Majority : 1,327

  1. Azalina Abdul Rahman, PN (Bersatu), 2,710 votes
  2. B. Prasanth Kumar, PH (PKR), 2,163 votes
  3. Datuk Khaidhirah Abu Zahar, BN (Umno), 4,037 votes


N26 Serkam
Number of Registered Voters: 15,977
Majority : 79 

  1. Datuk Norazlanshah Hazali, Independent, 99
  2. Ahmad Bilal Rahaudin, PN (PAS), 4,959
  3. Ustaz Muhammad Khomeini Kamal, PH (Amanah), 1,535
  4. Datuk Zaidi Attan, BN (Umno), 5,038 


N27 Merlimau
Number of Registered Voters: 14,014
Majority : 3,248 

  1. Azrin Ab Majid, PH (Amanah), 2,385
  2. Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh, BN (Umno), 5,633 
  3. Abd Alim Shapie, PN (PAS), 1,622


N28 Sungai Rambai
Number of Registered Voters: 11,837


  1. Muhammad Jefri Safry, PN (Bersatu), 2,664
  2. Farzana Hayani Nasir, PH (PKR), 1,356
  3. Nazatul Asyraf Md Dom, Putra, 84 
  4. Siti Faizah Abdul Azis, BN (Umno), 3,801


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