Woman arrested for allegedly paying with fake money in Denpasar

A 32-year-old woman was arrested in Denpasar for allegedly paying with counterfeit bills at markets and stalls in the city. 

“We made the arrest following reports from local residents, and so we deployed officers to investigate,” South Denpasar sub-precinct chief, I Gede Sudyatmaja, said today

The suspect, identified as WT, reportedly used counterfeit money to shop at a popular store in South Denpasar. When the owners checked the bill she used afterwards, they found out that it was a forgery. 

Police say that they found IDR3.7 million (US$263) of counterfeit money in IDR50K bills at her kost (boarding house) room, among other pieces of evidence. 

Sudyatmaja said investigation into the case will continue. 

WT has been charged with Article 245 on distributing counterfeit money under the Criminal Code (KUHP), which carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.


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