Woman creates ‘anti-vaxx graveyard’ for Halloween

A woman in Canada has transformed her garden into a graveyard for anti-vaxxers with mocking Halloween decorations. Each headstone features a quote, written as though it was the cause of death. “DEAD. But Not a Sheep,” said one. Others included “Thought Facebook was a reliable source” and “Believed it was only the flu”. She said they were “the scariest Halloween decorations I could come up with”.

Elk freed from car tyre after two years

An elk that has wandered the hills of Colorado with a car tyre around its neck for two years has at last been freed. Wildlife officials say the four-and-a-half-year-old, 270kg bull elk was spotted near Pine Junction, south-west of Denver, on Saturday evening and tranquillised. It was the fourth attempt wildlife officers had made in the past week to try to capture and help it.

Mushrooms and wine porridge wins award

A savoury dish containing mushrooms and white wine has won this year’s World Porridge Making Championship. Other ingredients in the dish made by Dutch food blogger Miriam Groot, 25, included vegetable stock, lemon zest and pepper. Contestants in the top 10 each won a hand-carved spurtle – a Scottish wooden kitchen tool dating from the 15th century.


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