Woman in China runs into first love in cab after 10 years and they start over with kids from earlier marriages

The love story of a Chinese couple kept apart for a decade by money and distance has trended online after the pair revealed they had run into each other by chance and married at last.

The woman, surnamed Weng, shared her story on Douyin earlier this month and said that her two children from her previous marriage and the two children of her new husband all got along well since the couple married last year, Jimu News reported.

She said she first met her new husband, surnamed Guo, in 2007, and fell in love shortly afterwards. They separated in 2011 due to the expensive bride price demanded by her family and the distance between her home in eastern Jiangxi province and his in central Henan province.


The two ended up marrying other people and had children before they were both divorced. Weng said they had not been in touch since breaking up until 2020 when she travelled to Henan on a business trip and met Guo by chance when she got into a taxi he was driving.

Henan has a population of more than 99 million.

“We rebuilt contact again. He knew my life did not go smoothly during those years and I knew he did not have a good life either. So we started sending messages to comfort each other, and gradually we fell in love again,” said Weng.

She said it was the lowest point in both their lives at that time. She had debts totalling hundreds of thousands of yuan (tens of thousands of US dollars) and Guo lost his job because of arm injuries and took a part-time job as a taxi driver.

Weng said they decided to marry partly because their children needed “a stable family”.


“We had only one concern about getting married; that we were not sure whether the children would be happy with our decision,” said Weng. “But what surprised us is that on the first occasion they got together, it was super harmonious.”

She said Guo’s two children liked staying with her as their mother had left them when they were very young.

“They called me ‘Mum’ the second time I met them,” Weng said. “Another sign from fate is that his daughter and my daughter were born on the same day of the same month, although my daughter is two years older.”


The couple bought a flat together in Jiangxi in May last year and registered their marriage a month later. They now run a beauty parlour in the city.

Weng described herself and Guo as “a couple not willing to bow to failures in life”.

“We met again. The chance was rare. It was such nice karma. What’s more, the kids get along well. We should cherish the current relationship and continue our life journey together,” she said.


Guo told Jimu News: “We are working hard to earn money to create better conditions for our children so that they can grow up in a better environment.”

Chinese internet users have been touched by the couple’s reunion.

“Their fate is sealed,” wrote one user on Douyin.

“Their story could be turned into a TV drama,” another said.

“The children have got both father and mother. He is her first love. It’s so perfect!” another user commented.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.


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