Woman looking for cheap accommodation while travelling ends up checking into an “old folks home”

SINGAPORE: Everyone loves a good travel hack, but one TikTok user realized she probably went too far when she checked into a home for the chronically ill.

“Budget travelled a bit too hard,” wrote Ms Rie, the woman behind the @crybabytubby account, sharing photos from her stay at Johore Cheshire Home in Johor Bahru. “pov: u didn’t check reviews on your airbnb in JB and ended up staying in an old folks home,” she wrote across the first photo, where she took a mirror selfie in a bathroom.

TikTok screengrab/crybabytubby

But by the next frame, she wrote that things were “looking a bit sus…” on a photo showing the entrance gate to the accommodation.

TikTok screengrab/crybabytubby

But the corridor, bedroom, and bathroom looked all right, and she noted that the toilet was “spacious” and wheelchair friendly.

TikTok screengrab/crybabytubby

However, the TikTok user added that if they did not return by 10 pm, they would need to call security to help them get in.

TikTok screengrab/crybabytubby

She then flashed a photo of an old welcome sign… followed by writing that she “checked out within one hour.”

TikTok screengrab/crybabytubby

Some commenters on her TikTok appeared to understand why she left at once.

Others, however, said the room looked okay.

The post author said she’ll stay in (a) hotel next time.

Its webpage says that the primary objective of the Johore Cheshire home is “for the chronically ill who are unable to look after themselves but have no relatives or home to turn to and who otherwise would be occupying useful bed space in government hospitals.” /TISG

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