Woman on the hunt for missing tenant who trashed Selangor condo, left sex doll behind

Heaps of empty bottles, dingy bedsheets and… a sex doll? 

That was what one landlord found in his Selangor apartment that was rented out to a man named Li Ao Chen, who has apparently gone missing. 

The landlord’s friend Chen Eetheng took to Facebook last Saturday (Oct 8) helping him to seek out the man, writing in Chinese: “Does anyone know this person? Could he be your friend or relative? If you know him, please tell him to clean up the mess that he made!”

According to the Facebook post, the tenant had signed a one-year lease with her friend in December 2021. However, he had allegedly been defaulting on rent for the past three months, and did not pay the utility bills either. 

After countless reminders from his landlord, the Malaysian man allegedly disappeared.

Left with no choice, Chen’s friend decided to head down to the apartment to confront Li. 

Upon reaching the condo unit, Chen’s friend was horrified to discover that the entire place had been left in a disarray with videos and photos in Chen’s post showing trash strewn all over the unit, and dust all over the apartment’s floor. 

“It’s obvious that the apartment has been vacant for a period of time, he left a long time ago,” wrote Chen, who added that Li also had a pet cat that allegedly ruined the apartment’s furniture. 

Shocking as the mess might be, Li also left a rather personal item in the apartment’s bedroom — a naked sex doll in a rather compromising position.

“I don’t know what kind of fetish he has, but he cruelly left his ‘girlfriend’ on the bed. I’d like to ask, how should I deal with this? Can I sell it?” Chen asked in her post. 

Chen’s post has since been shared over 1,700 times, and has racked up comments from amused netizens, who joked that Li had left his ‘lover’ behind. 


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that abandoned sex dolls have caused a stir in Selangor. 

In February, a waste management worker in Malaysia called the police after finding a ‘body’ wrapped in a blanket and plastic

However, the forensic team that was sent down to investigate were in for a plot twist — they uncovered a wax doll that was shaped like a woman. 

Shah Alam OCPD Assistant Commissioner Baharudin Mat Taib eventually told Malaysian media then that they classified the case as “no offence disclosed”, that there was no criminal element found. 

He also advised the public not to speculate on images related to the case that have since been circulated on social media.

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