Woman pees in plastic bag and puts it in bin at slimming centre, claims staff's job to throw it away

Wouldn’t you be pissed too?

The staff at a slimming centre in Yishun argued with a customer after she urinated in a plastic bag and left it in a bin at the slimming centre.

Sharing a photo of the bag of pee, Stomp contributor Y, who works at the slimming centre, said the incident happened on Wednesday (Oct 12).

She told Stomp: “The woman was here for her very first consultation and trial session.

“Prior to the appointment, she was very rude to my receptionist and kept scolding her for no reason. So my receptionist decided not to contact her. However, she kept calling back and wanted to come on the same day even though we were fully booked. “

The Stomp contributor said the woman, who was in her 50s, needed to pee halfway through the consultation.

“So I went out of my way to accompany her to a nearby toilet as she said she didn’t know the way,” recounted the Stomp contributor.


“She came back, saying the toilet was dirty. So I brought her to another toilet. She said she wanted to go home because she didn’t like public toilets.

“Along the way back, she kept insisting that I handed over a plastic bag to her so she could urinate. She was persistent about it so I eventually gave in even though we do not offer this kind of service. She even promised to throw away the bag afterwards.

“After she went to urinate in one of our consultation rooms, she threw the plastic bag into our mini dustbin. She said after the trial session, she would throw the bag away. I let it be, thinking nothing much of it since she’d agreed to be the one to do it.”

The Stomp contributor said that everything went smoothly until the end of the trial session.

“When we asked her nicely to throw away the plastic bag, she insisted that we help her to put the bag into a clean one, claiming that our dustbin has our own stuff as well and that it was dirty, therefore she didn’t want to touch it.


“In actual fact, our dustbin only has crushed-up A4 paper and used alcohol pads.

“My colleagues and I had an argument with her about who should throw away the rubbish. My colleague resorted to calling the woman’s daughters to come pick her up and help her throw away the plastic bag with her urine.

“We told her that we would ask her daughter to do it and she was against it, claiming that it was our job to do so.

“So she called her daughters, telling them not to come, and left the store angrily, saying she wouldn’t want to come back anymore since we have ‘poor’ customer service.”

After the incident, the Stomp contributor said that she wants people to know that “retail consultants aren’t cleaners and maids”.

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.


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