Woman who married herself divorcing after meeting someone else

A woman who married herself earlier this year is now divorcing herself after meeting someone else. Cris Galera wed herself in September after growing tired of relying on men. However, the Brazilian is now headed for divorce after she met “someone special” and fell in love. “I started to believe in love the moment I met someone else special,” she said.

Housework can boost memory in old age

A study has found that the key to keeping a sharp memory in old age could be doing more housework. Singapore-based researchers found that a combination of light housework such as washing up, making the bed, tidying and cooking, and heavy housework, including window cleaning and vacuuming, boosted memory, regardless of what other physical activities people took part in.

Man turns tank into taxi

A father who spent £20,000 on a former British Army tank said he plans to use it as a taxi. Merlin Batchelor will charge £600 an hour and £200 for every hour afterwards for a drive in his 17-foot vehicle, which has room for up to nine passengers. “It’s pretty good with potholes,” he said. “It’s like sitting in jelly.”


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