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Singapore—On Monday (Jan 4), TISG reported that a video of a worker rescuing a child standing precariously at the window of a ledge of what seemed to be a HDB block had been making the rounds on WhatsApp.

The young boy in a red-and-white striped shirt on the ledge had been holding on to a laundry pole as a worker on a boom lift approached him.

People who had gathered round the Hougang HDB erupted in cheers when the boy was safely rescued.

The worker, who goes by Kûâšhâ Ďâš on Facebook, took to his social media account late on Monday night to post photos of the dramatic rescue.

“At a work time I saving one children life (sic) in Singapore..at last my life is a good job..(sic) l pray for the God i doing the work (sic) properly,” he wrote. 

His post has since been widely shared and commented on, with grateful Singaporeans expressing their thanks for saving the boy and calling the worker a “hero.”

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FB screengrab: Kûâšhâ Ďâš

FB screengrab: Kûâšhâ Ďâš

According to a story in thestraitstimes.com, the rescue occurred before 8 o’clock Sunday morning (Jan 3) at Block 243 Hougang Street 22.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that a call for assistance had come in at about 7.50am, but that the child had already been rescued by the time the officers arrived.

The 6-year-old boy’s condition was evaluated by a paramedic from the SCDF, who determined that he needed no further medical treatment.

Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported on Jan 4 that the boy had awakened and discovered that he was by himself, and then climbed out of the kitchen window.

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Neighbours saw the distraught child crying for his mother, but when they knocked on the door of the flat, which is on the third floor, no one answered.

Luckily, two workers were in the vicinity of the prune trees, and heard the boy crying. They came quickly to his rescue.

The New Paper (TNP) reported that the boy’s rescuer is known as Mr Dipto. He works for Yong Aik Construction and is a Bangladeshi national.

The boy’s father spoke to TNP on the phone on Monday, asking to remain anonymous, but tried to express his thanks to the two workers for his son’s rescue.

He explained that the boy’s mother is currently caring for him on her own, since he is serving a Stay Home Notice (SHN) in another location. His wife had gone out briefly to buy food.

“My wife was the only one looking after him and had to go out for a short while to get groceries. We’re very traumatised by this incident, but we’re very thankful to the workers and we’ll be trying to find them to thank them,” he told TNP.

A representative of Yong Aik Construction told TNP that the firm is talking about what kind of reward can be given to Mr Dipto for rescuing the child.

“It was raining and so the tree-pruning team we had there were on standby with the spider lift when they heard the commotion. Mr Dipto did not hesitate to save the boy, and the company will be commending him for his good job. The management is discussing how we can reward him.” —/TISG

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