Would you be a rental date, debt collector or OnlyFans creator? These Singaporeans show us how


One such misconception that rental girlfriend Karen got about the job is that the clients are “weird or creepy people”.

Admittedly, she remembers one date who took her for a stroll but did not tell her his name or say a word along the way. “It was really awkward,” says the 21-year-old, who also prefers not to identify herself further.

Most of the time, however, she met “very normal” clients, like university students or regular working people.

She did not make a point of telling her friends about her job, which she had done for eight months. While she describes her parents as “pretty chill people”, she also does not think they were aware of it.

“If they find out, I’ll just have to sit down and have a long chat with them,” she says with a laugh.

Wayne also describes his parents as “very open-minded”, but says his friends judged him initially. “After some time, they realised I was still me, so slowly they accepted it,” he adds.

He is candid about the stigma to being a rental boyfriend, acknowledging that men are usually the ones who take the lead when it comes to dates. “Guys plan the date, bring the girls out and normally pay for the first date,’ he notes. “However, if it’s a rental situation, then the girl is already paying.”

But he is also clear about where the line is drawn: A rental date offers companionship, not physical intimacy.


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