Yao Yao featured in B.T.O.D’s music video. (Courtesy of Kwan Kwan Marketing Corp.)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — B.T.O.D, the Taiwanese boy band, is about to release the third single “Forever” (曾諾的永遠), featuring Taiwanese starlet Kuo Shu-yao (郭書瑤), also known as Yao Yao in the music video.

It has been nearly ten years since Yao Yao last cooperated with the Korean male group.

The 30-year-old actress said that she was very happy to collaborate with the five-member boyband for the first time.

She said that she was under great pressure and “it feels like I’m officially joining the boyband.”

Yaoyao admitted that she wasn’t good at the type of dance in the new music video.

At first, Yaoyao’s dance moves were the same as B.T.O.D., so Yaoyao couldn’t help shouting to the members after rehearsal: “I look very clumsy when dancing the same things as you!”

When shooting the music video, Yaoyao showed off a super hot figure in a tight jacket, and danced battle with the members.

In addition, Ranny (淋雨), the lead of the group, who had injuries a few days ago, worked hard to perform and insisted on repaying Yao’s support with his best performance on the shooting day.

Yao Yao (left) featured in B.T.O.D’s music video. (Courtesy of Kwan Kwan Marketing Corp.)

He bears the pain and took time to go to the clinic to receive treatment.

Yao Yao is pictured with members of B.T.O.D. (Courtesy of Kwan Kwan Marketing Corp.)

Ranny said: “I am sorry for the members, and I must thank them for their understanding and professionalism so that the whole choreography can be successfully revised before shooting.”


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